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Identity and Access Management

Nothing is more central to the management of electronic health records than preserving security by managing access. We have been closely involved in this effort on a national scale. We are working to create secure access for all stakeholders in the Affordable Care Act, as mandated by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

We recognize the need for strong identity proofing and authentication controls to increase confidence in a user’s validity, and provide protection from unauthorized access. We work to implement effective identity proofing and authentication. As electronic health information exchange increases in volume between the various involved parties, the need to keep efficient and effective identity management systems in place will only increase, and C-HIT has the expertise to provide these services.

In the past, we have implemented an Enterprise Identity Management System (EIDM) for CMS that provides users with a single user ID that they can use to access one or more CMS application. We have experience in the Sun Java Identity Management Suite, application integration, project management, system testing, and operations support and can apply our knowledge to meet identity management requirements.