Our Services

Data Management

Perhaps nothing is more valuable to an organization than information. Organizing, storing, and retrieving information is a priority, whatever business you are conducting our experts can help. We specialize in every aspect of data management. Your project is our priority.

Our experience includes work on the Data Servies Hub, and essential component of Healthcare.gov, the health insurance gateway for the Affordable Care Act. The DSB is a tool that promotes accurate and efficient eligibility determinations through a verification process that compares entries to federal state and private data sources with a single onnection. The DSB verifies citizenship, income, and employer health coverage, handling large amounts of confidential information. We are experts in providing the type of security for information systems that such a project required.

Our skilled engineers have extensive knowledge of best practices for big data engineering.

We provide database modeling.

We can help you with enterprise warehouses or database design.

We can help with DB2 and DBA services.