Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation (esMD)

esMD is an integrated health information exchange system using a 3-zone compliant Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN) Gateway built on CONNECT software for CMS. It enables health providers to electronically and securely respond to requests for medical documentation from various CMS stakeholders in a simpler and more reliable mean way. C-HIT systems architects and developers have been at the forefront of this innovative initiative since its inception.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Data Services Hub (DSH)

We have been instrumental in several data management projects in support of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including the Data Services Hub to help with verifying applicant information for eligibility determination and enrollment in qualified health plans and insurance affordability programs. The hub provides connectivity to the various federal data sources to verify consumer application information such as income, citizenship, immigration status, access to minimum essential coverage, etc…

HITECH National Level Repository (NLR)

C-HIT supports NLR’s effort to collect information from providers and hospitals, process and deliver incentive payments, prevent duplicate payments, and coordinate technical assistance and reporting. To that end, our team managed and performed functional acceptance testing, performance and stress testing, end-to-end testing with other systems and contractors, as well as regression testing.

Enterprise Identity Management System (EIDM)

EIDM provide internal and external CMS systems users with the means to receive a single user ID that they can use to access CMS applications. EIDM registers users, verifies their identity, manages rights and privileges of each user, and audits compliance with access control to prevent fraud or error. C-HIT has been an important partner in this effort, and has the capability to develop and deploy identity management systems that serve a variety of functions.

Individuals Authorized Access to the CMS Computer Services (IACS)

As a subcontractor, C-HIT provided application development and operational support for the IACS system component of the CMS IT Modernization initiative. The IACS Identity Management (IM) service was created as the common security service to control the issuance of electronic identities that allow access to CMS applications without regard to where an application is housed. C-HIT employees have expertise in the Sun Java Identity Management Suite, application integration, project management, system testing, and operations support which applies to CMS identity management requirements.

Department of Education, Federal Student Aid (FSA) – Integrated Partner Management (IPM) IV&V

The Department of Education's (ED's) Federal Student Aid (FSA) Integrated Partner Management (IPM) project is a signature initiative to replace legacy systems and processes with a single, integrated solution for awarding financial aid to students. As the Prime Vendor, C-HIT provides independent testing including functional, regression, scalability and security, ensuring the functionality, stability and availability of the system.


The Maryland Health Insurance Exchange (MDHIX)

C-HIT was part of the team that stepped in to strengthen the MDHIX project. MDHIX provides Maryland residents and small businesses with an opportunity to compare rates, benefits, and quality among insurance plans and enroll in products best suited to their need. MDHIX also evaluates eligibility for Medicaid, advance premium tax credits, and other affordability programs designed to deliver more affordable coverage for individuals.

Massachusetts Health Exchange

Our team improved the Massachusetts Health Exchange, called the Massachusetts Health Connector. We boosted the capacity of the system to enough to enroll a large volume of consumers and provide complete data for HHS exchange enrollment reports.



C-HIT enabled MRO, a health records management company, to offer its clients the ability to electronically submit health and school records related to disability claims to the Social Security Administration (SSA) as part of SSA’s MEGAHIT program for Disability Determination.